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Things to Remember when Planning a Party

Whatever your party, whatever your theme, we’ve got your covered.

When planning your ultimate party, there are many things you need to include for it to be a success. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or anniversary, whether it’s for your close family and friends or everyone you know, you must have the ultimate party checklist. The best part being you can organise everything with a computer and an internet connection!


It seems like the most obvious thing to do before you go ahead with your party, but creating a list of invites and sending them if necessary is the first port of call. You need to know who you’ll be catering for in order to plan everything else, from food to music!


Another obvious choice, but you can’t have a party without a venue! Whatever your event, it will be pretty easy to decide on the type of place to hold an event. If it’s a smaller event you might want to save on the cash and hold it at your house or you may require a larger venue to hold more people. There are very classy looking buildings for bigger events such as weddings, or just simply function rooms to accommodate your party needs.


A party wouldn’t be a party without yummy food for your guests. There are some options when organising food, some more convenient. It all depends on the nature of your party. You may decide to get your family or friends to help out (and in most cases, they are more than happy to!) or you may choose to hire a professional or company to provide your food. It’s worth doing a bit of research on caterers around your area.


Depending on your party or event, you may want to take images from the day yourself on a phone or camera. The advantages to this being that you instantly have them on your person and they will be very easy to upload on to Social Media and in your computer’s folders. However, if your event is a lot more formal, it may be a good idea to hire a photographer for your event. Maybe you don’t have the eye for photography, or you just need things to look a little more professional. Either way, capturing memories from your day is a must for any party!


A party is a not a party without a bit of music! Live bands are becoming popular. Perhaps you know a local band who would be happy to play a few songs to lighten the mood or it could be worth doing a quick Google search to find artists of different styles who would be happy to come to your area. If this isn’t your cup of tea, there is always the opportunity to throw a CD in a CD Player or, if you’re a little bit more with the times create a playlist with a bit of everything!

Most importantly… have fun!

This goes without saying, but make sure you have fun, talk to your guests and make them feel welcome. Make your event one that they remember by maybe asking for suggestions from your invitees. It’s always a good idea to share thoughts!

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