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How to Plan the Ultimate DIY Wedding

With seemingly hundreds of decisions to make – colours! cake! dress! – planning a wedding without a hired planner can sometimes be a nightmare. If you’re looking to plan your own wedding on a budget, and are keen to DIY as much as possible follow top Yorkshire Wedding Photographer ILTO’s simple do’s and don’t’s below!


Start with a budget

While it may seem unromantic, budgeting is key to any wedding. It might be your childhood dream to arrive in a horse-drawn carriage and marry in a castle, but you need to be realistic. Even though you’re planning on creating most of the wedding yourself, hopefully with some help, wedding pricing can soon get out of control. Make a list and include all the essentials – dress, venue, catering etc – anything else, like favours and stationary, can be added on over time depending on your spending.

Pin everything

Whether you’ve dabbled in Pinterest, never used it before or have 27,000 boards, Pinterest will soon become your wedding bible. With the option to create multiple boards, view DIY projects and food options, our top tip is to pin absolutely everything that fits into the style you want your wedding to be. Even if you know you’ll never actually recreate a look, just having the image there for inspiration could be a huge help. You can share your boards with friends and family, so they can see the type of look you’re going for – you never know, one of them may be able to re-create an image, know someone else who can or ay stumble across something perfect for your big day.

Food for thought

Catering is often the most expensive part of any wedding day and is a very simple place to save money. Try asking your loved ones to help out with the buffet – ask guests to make a signature dish and bring it on the day. Even if the food is a bit mix and match, no one will care once they’ve had a few drinks! If you don’t want to go too DIY, ask the venue or your caterers if they know of any cheaper food options. Usually, catering companies will be able to advise you of cheaper cuts of meat or simpler desserts that will shave money off your overall spend.

Wedding Collage


Scrimp on a photographer

The one thing ILTO Photography advises you should never save on is the wedding photographer. After the day is done, and you’re back to your everyday lives, your photos (or video) are the only things that remain. Wedding images will be looked back on and passed down through generations, so scrimping on this can be a true disaster. Professional wedding photographers have years of experience and know all the tips and tricks to make you look your best on your big day. If you’re looking for a Wakefield Wedding Photographer, ILTO photography are a reliable, professional option.

Our top 4 DIY’s:

  1. Dress – while it may seem scary, ask a friend who’s handy with a needle and thread to gift you a dress rather than a crockery set. Alternatively, try asking a local seamstress for help – they’ll be able to custom make a dress for much less than you’d normally pay.
  2. Place Settings & Menu Cards – no need to pay a fortune for a printer, these can easily be created at home. A huge range of fonts can be downloaded from online, while programs like Photoshop and InDesign often run free trials, so keep an eye out.
  3. Decorations – probably the easiest one, wedding decorations are relatively easy to DIY. We’re thinking bunting, paper lanterns, and flower walls. Better yet, host a decoration party with your friends and family – provide food, wine and music and people will be much more likely to help out!
  4. Cake – enlist the help of a friend who fancies themselves as the next Mary Berry – even if it looks a bit homemade, it’ll add to the charm!

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