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How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Working from home is great – no commute, the freedom to wear what you like and no extortionate office fees. Couple this with flexible working hours and the fact you can pop your feet up during your lunch break, and it’s a winning combination. However, what do you do if your office is more drab than fabulous?

Follow the tips from LondonBlinds4U below for how to create the ultimate home office that won’t leave you wishing the day away.

Make a list

Before you begin, make a list of everything you might need. While it might be more exciting to get stuck into the design aspect of your office, think about the essentials such as a desk, computer, printer and telephone. Next, be more specific – what would make your day to day life easier? The beauty of having a home office is you can set it up to be exactly what you need. If your job is more creative, you might need more table space for working. Alternatively, if your job involves lots of reports or documents, make sure you have enough space for filing cabinets and shelving systems. If everything has a place, your day will run much more smoothly!

Embrace natural light

What people don’t often realise when creating a new home office is the importance of light on emotion and working ability. No-one wants to work in the dark or, equally, be blinded by fluorescent overhead lighting. Try placing your desk facing out of the window – this lets you benefit from the light from outside while giving you a great excuse to take a break and admire the view. One of the greatest things about working from home is that you have complete control over your own lighting. A perfect way to maximise the light in your room is by investing in some shutters or blinds for your home office.

LondonBlinds4U understand that your London office reflects your style and brand and have an excellent range of shutters and blinds to suit your every need. If you live in a busy area or your home office is at street level, Café Style Shutters are perfect as they are only fitted to the bottom of the window, meaning you still get the benefit of natural light from the top while still maintaining your privacy.

If shutters are slightly too permanent for your, their collection of blinds – from roman blinds to vertical blinds – could be perfect. To view their full range of London blinds, take a look at their site today.


Be clever with your storage

A great home office needs to be functional first and beautiful second. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a mansion, chances are your home office won’t be that spacious, or may serve two purposes, such as a guest room too. Some offices can feel cramped or cluttered, and maintaining a professional and functional home office is all about organisation.  When planning your home office, make sure you have enough space for storage and ample room to spread out and work. Think about what you use daily, and those items that only come out a few times a year. Occasional items can go into storage while supplies that you use frequently should be easily accessible. If you’re worried about your office looking like an archive room, think about investing in patterned box files or colourful cabinets to inject some life into the room.

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Put your own stamp on it

Just because you’re working, doesn’t mean you have to fill your office with tired, clunky furniture and boring décor. Ideally, you want your office to inspire you, no matter your career. Pin up your favourite images or postcards, buy a comfy chair or pant the walls your favourite colour. Just remember to keep it professional – while that picture of you and your friends on holiday in 2009 is hilarious, think about what message it would send to any potential clients or customers you may be meeting in your office.

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Keep everything handy

There’s nothing more distracting than having other people around when you’re trying to work. If your children, partners or housemates are generally home during working hours, then it’s often a good idea to try and stay at your desk to avoid unnecessary interruptions.  Keep everything you may need close by – stock up on extra paper, pens and scissors so you’re not rummaging through the kitchen cabinets when you’re meant to be working. A great tip? Invest in a small fridge and create a drinks station so you don’t have to venture out for tea or coffee – but don’t keep your lunch in it, you are allowed a break after all!

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